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Securing The Industrial Digital Transformation

OTORIO delivers industrial-native digital and cyber risk management solutions, enabling reliable, safe and efficient digital production.

OTORIO empowers secured-by-design roll-outs of industry 4.0 initiatives by making cyber-security risk-avoidance an integral part of the operational life cycle. By simplifying complex IT/OT security processes, OTORIO ensures industrial control systems security, with continuous management and remediation of digital and cyber risks based on their business impact, safety, reliability, and productivity.

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Industry 4.0 digitization and remote access are at an all-time high. Especially now, it’s important for you to map your organization’s digital exposure and map the ways that attackers can exploit these vulnerabilities in order to gain access to your most valuable information and processes.

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OTORIO, the world's leading industrial native digital and cyber risk management solutions provider, is offering a free cyber-risk scan to help you assess and understand how exposed your organization is to external and internal threats. The service is non-intrusive and requires no action to be taken on your part.

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Fill in the sign-up form on this page and list one or two URLs you wish to check. These can be your company’s domain, or that of your partners or suppliers. We will provide you with a cyber risk report within five business days.

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