Understanding the State of Industrial OT Cyber Security

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C-suite survey among 200 IT/OT leaders highlights changes in OT security strategy

An increasing concern for safe and resilient operations is changing the way we operate.

Insights from the C-Suite survey report by OTORIO and ServiceNow provide a deep understanding of the state of Industrial OT cyber security, including:

  • 58% consider the level of their OT cybersecurity risk to be "high" or "critical"

  • Only 31% of organizations currently have an OT/ICS security strategy in place

  • 78% of stakeholders plan on increasing their OT security budget in 2023

The survey highlights a definitive shift in OT cybersecurity strategy mindset from visibility (reactive approach) to risk management (preventative approach). This indicates that 2023 and 2024 will be pivotal for operational security and critical infrastructure. Download the full report to understand why.

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Understanding the State of Industrial OT Cyber Security:
Insights from the C-Suite.

risk-quantificationManaging Potential Risk

Decision-makers recognize the pressing need for improved OT security measures and budgeting for effective risk

automated-analysis-and-assessment-reportsAutomated Assessment

Many organizations manage their OT security risks reactively, increasing the likelihood of potential risk, downtime, and financial loss.


secure-by-designCybersecurity Challenges

Key OT cyber security challenges and priorities have changed as the digitization of critical infrastructure and operational technology progresses

ease-of-access OT Security Budgets

An increasing concern for ensuring safe and resilient operations is reflected in the projected OT security budget allocations for 2023 and 2024.


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