Complimentary Consultation - Prepare for the DHS/TSA Directive on pipeline security

OTORIO is happy to offer leading companies in the US energy and utility sector assistance in preparing their response to the new security directive by the DHS Transportation Security Administration.

The directive (Security Directive Pipeline-2021-01) calls upon critical pipeline owners and operators to act immediately by implementing a thorough risk assessment and report back to CISA by June 28.

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What you gain

  • Automated Risk Assessment Report - Powered by OTORIO RAM2  - risk assessment, monitoring and management platform. The assessment includes mapping gaps in compliance with IEC62443 and NIST 800-82r2 (mentioned in TSA Security Directive on Pipelines – section 7.4, page 27). Such a report will greatly help your organization comply with the short timeline from DHS request.

  • Security Posture Improvement Plan - OTORIO’s RAM2 platform ingests data feeds from your existing security systems (IDS, firewalls, etc.) and OT network assets. It’s not a rip-and-replace system but rather a data collection engine coupled with AI to correlate data points from multiple sources. The output is a list of meaningful insights and simple playbooks to increase your OT security posture.

  • Personal Cyber Consultant - OTORIO experts stand ready to help you be the first to comply with the new directive for your OT organization to the new DHS directives and to other OT cybersecurity regulations.

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