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eBook: Moving Beyond Compliance in the Utility Sector

Energy and Utility companies are familiar with building cybersecurity compliance programs around the NERC-CIP control framework. Usually the focus is placed on meeting the requirements of the applicable NERC-CIP controls to avoid the risk of fines. This drives significant allocation of resources - both time (human effort) and money - in order to remain onside with regulations.
Compliance requirements have done a lot to increase awareness and drive investment, but the question remains - Does compliance guarantee that effective security is in place? The answer is unfortunately a bit gray. Compliance does not automatically guarantee that effective security design and posture are in place. However, complinace is the necessary foundation to build an effective security program upon. Continuing to meet compliance requirements while building a secrutiy program that is aware of gaps that regulations don't cover is critical. In today's competitive and regulated market a risk-informed approach will help Utilities scale their OT cybersecurity initiatives to meet both today's and future challenges, while significantly reducing the time and cost of the overall process.

Read this E-Book specifically written for Energy and Utility companies and learn how to:

  • Navigate the Changing Regulatory Environment
  • Proactively Manage Cyber Risks
  • Manage Asset Inventory
  • Identify Exposures without intruding the OT network
  • Follow a Risk-Informed Approach
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