Securing the Digital Machine Lifecycle - spOTTM E-Book
OEM Machine Manufacturing

Rethinking Machinery Cyber Security

Today’s OEM manufacturing ecosystem extends far beyond the Factory Acceptance Test. Keeping the security of your machines aligned with policies and regulatory demands remains your responsibility even as your machines continue to operate on the customer production floor.

With machines comprising tens of components from multiple vendors, today’s machinery OEMs are effectively a long-term link in the end-product supply chain. This is a game changer and requires a new perspective.

Read our new e-book written specifically for machine OEMs and learn how you can:

  • Institute secure-by-design programs

  • Automate machine security assessments for speed and precision 

  • Significantly reduce the time and costs of FAT/SAT processes

  • Continue managing the machine’s cybersecurity resilience on customer premises

  • Implement “Cyber Resilience as a Service to enhance your offering 

spOTTM from OTORIO can expedite any assessment and audit process, whether mock audit, pre audit, compliance or risk assessment. spOT reduces the time and effort required, while significantly expanding the delivered value.


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Securing The Industrial Digital Transformation

OTORIO delivers industrial-native digital and cyber risk management solutions, enabling reliable, safe and efficient digital production.

OTORIO empowers secured-by-design roll-outs of industry 4.0 initiatives by making cyber-security risk-avoidance an integral part of the operational life cycle. By simplifying complex IT/OT security processes, OTORIO ensures industrial control systems security, with continuous management and remediation of digital and cyber risks based on their business impact, safety, reliability, and productivity.