Future-Proof Your Utility's Cybersecurity
Compliance: Watch the Webinar

The energy and utility industries are changing so F-A-S-T that regulators and providers are working hard to keep up.
In this free webinar, industry experts John Dirkman of Resource Innovations and Dave Cullen of OTORIO discuss:


  • The cybersecurity knot  for utilities

  • The long-term future of energy industry compliance

From grid decentralization to localized microgrids feeding rapidly-shifting loads, keeping up with production and infrastructure while meeting evolving cybersecurity regulations is a huge challenge. Watch the webinar and learn more today!


Watch the Webinar

Securing The Industrial Digital Transformation

OTORIO delivers industrial-native digital and cyber risk management solutions, enabling reliable, safe, and efficient digital production.

OTORIO empowers secured-by-design roll-outs of industry 4.0 initiatives by making cybersecurity risk-avoidance an integral part of your operational life cycle. By simplifying complex IT/OT security processes, OTORIO ensures industrial control system (ICS) security, with continuous management and remediation of digital and cyber

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